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We have tested and selected for you the list of the best free and paid 2020 VPNs according to their quality/price ratio, speed and reliability. These VPNs will allow you to connect to your services (ex: netflix), from anywhere in the world, in a secure, fluid and unlimited way. In 2020, many changes have been made in the VPN sector, as providers offer more and more qualitative services, responding to the demand of its users and for lower and lower prices. Finding a cheap VPN in 2020 has never been easier, so discover below our ranking and comparison of the best services on the market.


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What is a VPN?

A VPN (Virtual Private Network) is an access to a virtual private network allowed by a software or an application. It connects your computer or smartphone to a server located abroad in the country of your choice, in order to geo-locate you in the chosen country. You will then have a new IP address which will make you think that you are currently geo-located in another place in the world. There are compatible VPNs on PC, Mac or even on mobile iOs or android. What is a VPN for? VPNs are useful to change your ip address when necessary, they allow you to be geo-located in any country of the world (depending on the availability of the chosen VPN). Some websites or applications are open only in certain countries and are sometimes incompatible with France. The VPN may allow you to unblock this incompatibility and access the site or application of your choice. For example, this is the case of Netflix France which is only accessible from France. If you are abroad, you will not be able to access the French netflix series unless you use a good VPN. VPNs are therefore widely used, especially for online streaming. Finally, they also have the advantage of encrypting all your data and thus protect you against potential attacks or malware.

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